Good web design = keywords!

Often overlooked, but never under appreciated by search engines – one should never underestimate the power of good keywords on a webpage.

Good Keywords or SEO (search engine optimization) is responsible for the bulk of visits to your website.  When a site is not updated, or kept fresh with new keywords ; google and other search engines will place the importance value of your website at a much lower number, thus limiting your exposure to the internet.

Our staff builds strong keywords, and dynamic websites to your business by utilizing the best keywords to generate business for your company.

Good keywords are:

  • Locally targeted, to bring in local customers
  • Researched to make sure they aren’t over used, by other sites
  • Researched to assure they are the best keywords for your products or services
  • Linked to the actual products or services

Good keyword ideas:

  • Think like your customers or clients!
  • Pick General, and Specific Keywords
  • Choose good keywords that relate
  • Never use over used keywords
  • Research your keywords with adwords